Thursday, October 27, 2016

A series of Indian Sign Language Tutorial " Learn Indian Sign Language with Mr. Arun C Rao" by Bumper Clap

Bumper Clap has done great work with Mr. Arun C Rao, Sign Language Interpreter and Executive Director of "The Deaf Way Foundation" voluntary organization working in India in the area of Deaf Welfare. Here are Indian Sign Language videos to learn the basic of Indian Sign Language.

1. Starting with Alphabets. Sign for some word has not yet been developed so they are spelled as it is with the help of alphabets.

2. Basic 25 word we use in daily life.


3. Another Set of 25 words for interact in daily life.

4. Sing for Calender, Year and Name of Months.

5. You would not like to miss the "Weather".

6. I would not skip "Food". Very important to survive.

7. Colors- Colors will help you a lot in interacting with deaf as they catch the word if they get the referring color for a thing. Their Eye are always looking for color of subject.

8. Some Fruits and vegetables

9. Days of Week- This bothered me for a long.

10. Finally to keep track of time - Be On Time

Hope you guys will like these post and learn the basic as early as possible so that you don't have any problem interacting with deaf friends of yours and can brag about new language Learned.

इशारों ही इशारों में जाने कोई क्या कह जाये...

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